Akrikhin Project

Initial investment: 40 mln USD (2005).
Divestment: 80 mln USD (2007).
IRR: > 40%.
Location: Moscow Region, Russia.
Products: Solid, soft and liquid pharmaceutical products.
Revenues: 67 mln.USD (2007).
Employees: 1500. Official site: http://www.akrikhin.ru

Akrikhin is the 5th largest Russian pharmaceutical producer and one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Russia.
Akrikhin sells broad portfolio of 91 INNs (International Non-Proprietory Name) pharmaceutical products and 138 finished drugs in a variety of solid (tablet, capsules), soft (ointments, creams, gels) and liquid (syrups, shampoos) forms. AKHRIHIN has licenses and cooperation agreements with many international pharmaceutical companies This business includes branded products – modern fast-to-market generics and innovative formulations. The business is of the highest strategic importance and has been growing exponentially during the last 2 years due to strong marketing and sales support.

Akrikhin has wide experience in cooperating and licensing on the market among all Russian pharmaceutical companies.

Akrikhin was sold to Polpharm, Poland in 2007.



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