Initial investment: 95 mln Euro (2004 – 2006).
Divestment: 192 mln Euro (2007).
IRR: > 40%. Location: Moscow region, Russia.
Product: Soft drinks, aseptic, and natural water 300 mln liters (Phase 2: 730 mln liters).
Revenues: ca. 600 mln Euro.
Employees: > 200.

AQUA-VISION is an investment project for construction of one of the biggest production plant for soft drinks and natural water in Russia and Western Europe. Main target of this project was to supply consumers with high quality and healthy soft drinks.

AQUA-VISION started its operations in 2006 with the following products portfolio:

- Juices including aseptic
- Mineral water
- Ice teas
- Energy drinks
- Oksi Water (water with increased concentration of active oxygen)

AQUA-VISION factory is equipped with aseptic filling lines produced by KRONES AG – of one the world famous and recognized producers of equipment for soft drinks.
Petrochemical Holding provided financial support for the project in the amount of 95 mln euro.
AQUA-VISION was sold to Coca-Cola in 2007.



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