Geographical Scope

Management Structure:

Petrochemical Holding GmbH
Iakov Goldovskiy
Managing Director
(HR, Communication, Finance, Legal)

Project Level:

Managing Company:
Iosif Haitsin
Executive manager

Trading company TD Korund
Korund CN

Miroslav Dermendjiev
Executive Manager
Polski Gaz
Pavel Bielski
Executive Manager
Dmitry Buriak
Executive Manager

Dear partners and colleagues,

Petrochemical Holding GmbH, Austrian Investment Company, has from the very beginning of its establishment in 1996 operated in Eastern European countries and in the FSU region.

We believe that integration of Eastern Europe into the European Union along with the growth of prosperity in this region constitutes a solid basis for the dynamic development of the entire market.

Up-to-date petrochemicals, state-of-the-art packaging, modern construction materials – demand for these goods increases rapidly. Supplies of these goods from other regions - in view of annual demand growth of 15-25% - cannot be justified any more and that’s why new production facilities located close to the consumers and end users are now required.

Our undertaking is aimed at meeting the requirements of the growing Eastern European market for the various products by implementing selected investment projects. We look out for opportunities to integrate the technological capabilities of leading European companies with raw materials, energy, R&D and workforce capacities in Eastern European countries and in Russia as well.

Our background and experience in large scale investment project implementation along with our team of highly qualified experts allows us both to set up new production facilities in the most efficient way and to manage business activities in different countries and branches.

Our investment portfolio averages out at € 1 bn., mainly in refining, petrochemicals and real estate. However, whatever project we work on, we are always convinced that new production should be established on the basis of modern technologies to guarantee the highest quality of products over many years.

Yours faithfully, I. Goldovskiy
Managing director

Corporate Structure:

General Information:

Established: 1996 in Vienna, Austria

Legal form: Limited liability company

Address: Johannesgasse 22, A-1010 Vienna, Austria

Registration number: 256778 s Trade Court of Vienna

Equity: € 200.100.000

Managing Director: Iakov Goldovskiy

Main fields of activities: Holding and managing stakes in companies active in the following industries:

- Oil refining
- Chemicals
- Distribution of LPG
- Chemical construction materials
- Real Estate (financial investments)
- Pharmacy and Pharmaceutics

Bank: Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG
Am Stadtpark 9, A-1030 Vienna, Austria

Auditor: KPMG

Petrochemical Holding GmbH (Петрохемикал Холдинг ГмбХ) Этапы становления компании.

1996: Год создания. 1996-2002: Выкуп государственной компании «Сибур», консолидация в рамках «Сибура» нефтехимических активов РФ и Восточной Европы.
2003 - 2007: - Консолидация бизнеса ПЭТФ-преформ в Европе и СНГ под брэндом «Ретал». - Начало нового проекта «зеленого поля»: предприятие по получению ПЭТФ в Литве (300.00 т/г). - Начало еще двух проектов «зеленого поля»: БОПЕТ и АПЕТ в РФ и Литве (производство упаковочной пленки). - Бизнес продан в 2007. 2004 - 2006: - Финансовые инвестиции в проект «АкваВижн» («AquaVision») (асептические напитки, Московская область). Это крупнейший проект «зеленого поля» в Центральной Европе и СНГ. Продан «Кока-Коле» (The Coca-Cola Company) в 2007.
2003 - 2008: Развитие, в рамках общества «Польски Газ», бизнеса дистрибуции сжиженного нефтяного газа (СНГ) в Европе.
2004 - 2008: - Строительство и пуск предприятия по переработке стекла «Содитал» (Московская область). Предприятие продано в 2008 г. 2005-2007: - Финансовые инвестиции в фармацевтическое предприятие «Акрихин» (Московская область). Продано «Polpharma Россия» в 2007 г.
2005 - 2007: Строительство и пуск предприятия по производству труб «Пластика» (Тюмень). Продано в 2007 г.
2006: - Приобретение бизнеса в сфере недвижимости «ДеВижн» («DeVision»), Киев. Бизнес продан в 2007 г., финансовое участие сохраняется.
2009: В РФ создаются «ТД Корунд» и «Корунд Циан».
2006 - 2008: Еще один проект «зеленого поля»: производство аэрозолей на предприятии «Веллхим» («Wellchem»), Московская область. Предприятие продано в 2009 г.
2009: В РФ создаются «ТД Корунд» и «Корунд Циан». 2010: - Процесс реорганизации НПЗ «РАФО» успешно завершается. - Приобретение предприятия «Оргстекло» (Россия), единственного в Восточной Европе производителя MMA. - С агентством кредитного страхования ФРГ «Ойлер Гермес» подписан договор финансирования «Корунд-Циана».

Petrochemical Holding GmbH + ОАО АНК «Башнефть» и ОАО АФК «Система» = Обьединенная Нефтехимическая Компания (ОНК)

Апрель 2012 - ОНК становится управляющей компанией нефтехимических активов ее участников. Июль 2012 - Внесение нефтехимических активов. К 2016 году - Выполнение новой стратегии развития нефтехимии.

UPC prospective product portfolio:
♦ Polyurethanes
♦ High density polyethylene
♦ Polypropylene
♦ Polycarbonate
♦ Sodium Cyanide
Strategic targets of UPC:

To enter the group of top three Russian petrochemical companies through building new large-scale production facilities and converting own feedstock.

To become the most profitable petrochemical company in Russia through full vertical integration and use of up-to-date technologies.

To valorize all Bashneft’s LPG and a part of gasoline fractions and optimize product flows within the Group.

To secure sustainable presence in Eastern Europe as a producer of petrochemicals from own hydrocarbon feedstock

Petrochemical Holding investments are guided by two main principles:

Benefiting from growing business areas.
Leading position in selected niches and/or local market.

In particular for the petrochemical business segment:

1. Benefiting from growing demand on selected refinery and petrochemical products:

Diesel and LPG
PVC pipes
Paints , varnishes and aerosols

2. Vertical integration.

Petrochemical Holding invests in two main sectors: petrochemicals and real estate

Refining and Marketing

Petrochemical Holding invests in petrochemicals.
The refinery RAFO
(Onesti, Romania) ≅ 100%

and Polski Gaz 100%.


Petrochemical Holding invests in chemicals.
Chemical plant KORUND (N.Novgorod region, Russia) and Orgsteklo Russia – the sole MMA producer in Eastern Europe.

Financial Investments

Petrochemical Holding invests in real estate and innovation projects.



Finalized projects