Financial Investments: DeVision

Market Value (Based on valuation by Jones Lang LaSalle and Knight&Frank): 1 600 mln USD (2007).
Location: Kiev & Kiev Region, Ukraine.
Products: Apartments; Offices; Retal Centres.
Total area: 1.6 mln square meters (in current buildings projects).
Employees: > 150 (DeVision HQ Team).
Official sote:

Established in 2002 DeVision Holding uses all benefits of early entrance into the real estate market and manages today a very attractive and varied projects portfolio.

Most in-city projects are located in unique locations. i.e. in historical and administrative centre of the city of Kyiv. DeVision is one of the largest commercial and residential real estate developers in the Ukraine .

Petrochemical Holding GmbH provided financial support of the project in the value 200 mln USD.



Finalized projects