Russian Business: TD Korund, KORUND and Chemkor

Location: Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia.
Products: Cyanides; PVC-pipes, polyesters-varnishes, enamels and paints, others.

KORUND - was created in 1915 and has been a pilot plant for the chemical industry in the country. In 2003, the plant was shut down because of its economic inefficiency.
In 2004 KORUND assets were acquired by Petrochemical Holding and overall modernization and development programme for 2005 – 2012 has been worked out. The aim of the programme is to create a highly efficient chemical plant comprising:
polyesters-varnishes (in operation, 30 ktpa*),
enamels and paints (in operation, 25 ktpa*),
PU-systems (in operation, 50 ktpa*),
cyanides (in operation at Korund with 10 kta capacity)

* Designed capacity

Chemkor - is leading Russian PVC-pipes producer (in operation and subsequent expansion of capacity from 20 to 40 ktpa).

KORUND is a unique producer of high-quality Synthetic Corundums for watch industry, optics and light diodes, energy saving technologies, microelectronics, semi-conductors and jewellery industry.

TD Korund - is a trading company with activities in 40 regions of Russia and in FSU countries and sells paints, foams varnishes and other construction materials and brand trade names.



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