Business in Poland: Polski Gaz

Location: Poland.
Products: LPG distribution & transloading.
Official Site:

Polski Gaz was set up in 2001 as merger&acquisition project of several smaller companies, with strategically important infrastructure, consolidated into one, well organized and competitively located LPG distribution operator. As a result POLSKI GAZ became one of the major players on the LPG market in Poland.

With the existing infrastructure, distribution capacity and business expertise and experience Polski Gaz effectively increases its market share in Central and Eastern Europe, with major focus on large Polish market and continuously leverages its key assets to expand its reach in neighbouring countries.

Polski Gaz owns the unique largest European LPG Transloading Terminal facility with access to Russian (wide-gauge) railway track, reaching deep into the country (over 300km from Ukrainian border) and linking at this facility to the European railway system.

Main activities on LPG-market:
Cylinders filling and sales
Autogas sales
Bulkgas sales
LPG trading and transloading



Finalized projects