Business in Romania: RAFO

Project in on the stage of implementation.
Location: Onesti, Romania.
Products: Under current stage of modernisation: Diesel, Propylene, Paraxylene, Benzene, Naphtha, LPG, Coke, next stage of modernisation: PTA/PET
Capacity: Conversion of 2.6 - 3 mln tons of crude oil.
Gas stations: > 800 (2012).
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RAFO refinery was built in the 1960s and operated for many years as part of a huge petrochemical complex in Romania. New platform currently in operation was created in the 1980s. RAFO is supplied with crude oil via pipe-line from Constanza.

In 2007 Petrochemical Holding GmbH acquired 98% of shares, later the debts of RAFO were swapped into equity. As a result Petrochemical Holding GmbH became 96,5% shareholder of RAFO and RAFO has no external debts.

Under the modernization program with a value of 330 mln euro, supported by Romanian State guarantee, RAFO will cease gasoline production and re-start production of petrochemicals using state of the art technologies and existing equipment. A bankable feasibility study was performed by CRA (UK).

Leading contractors such as Shaw Stone and Webster (USA), GTC (USA), Ludan Engineering (Israel), Oxymat (Denmark), Axens (France), Walter Tosto (Italy), Gas Integral (France), etc., have conducted engineering studies and will deliver equipment.



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