RETAL Project

Initial investment: 250 mln Euro (2004 – 2006).
Divestment: 350 mln Euro (2007).
IRR: > 20%. Location: 6 companies in Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia.
Products: PET resin, preforms and films.
Revenues: 750 mln Euro (2007).
Employees: > 1000.
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RETAL was developed from a medium range Russian company (with a turnover of 80 mln USD in 2004) to the second largest PET-preforms manufacturer in Europe with production subsidiaries all over the Europe and annual turnover of 750 mln Euro (in 2007)

In 2004-2005 RETAL built and started-up greenfield state-of-the-art PET resin facility in Lithuania with a capacity of 308 ktpa as well as 2 PET film lines in Lithuania and in Russia.

RETAL became the leading supplier of PET packaging to the largest manufacturers of carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and beer. Among its clients are: Pepsi – Cola, Coca – Cola, BBH Carlsberg, Heineken, InBev, Efes, Danone, Nestle.

RETAL was sold in 2007



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