Financial Investments: Teknol

Investments: 3 mln USD (2004 – 2007).
Location: Moscow, Russia.
Products: Navigation systems for aviation, land and personal application.
Revenues: 500 000 Euro.
Employees: 50.
Official Site:

TEKNOL was founded in 2003 by a group of scientists, engineers and investors.

The TeKnol has designed and manufactured the line of inertial navigation systems for different applications in aviation, land navigation and motion control.

All systems are powered by original software that tracks the sensors‘ specific, field of particular application and carrier motion dynamic. The task-oriented navigation algorithms assure to the TeKnol Inertial Systems the best performance-to-price ratio for any particular application at the particular accuracy range.

All systems are manufactured with modern electronics and sensors and considers the latest requirements to the electrical and communication interfaces. Thus, they are compatible with different types of GNSS receivers (either GPS and GLONASS) or other navigation and motion sensing data sources. Sold in 2011.



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