Financial Investments: Wellchem

Investments: 47 mln Euro (2005 – 2008) including working capital .
IRR: > 25%. Location: Moscow Region, Russia.
Products: PU-foam; Households chemistry; Perfumery & cosmetics.
Revenues: 10 mln Euro (2008), 40 mln Euro (2009.
Employees: 120.
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Wellchem is a greenfield state-of-the-art high tech complex (equipped by Aerofill (UK), Lanico (Germany) and Soudronic (Switzerland) ) for production of aerosol cans and filling of aerosols. The plant was started-up in March 2008. Designed capacity: 130 mln. of empty cans and 160 mln. of aerosol cans per year.

The products portfolio consists of: hair sprays, shaving foams; air fresheners, sealing foams and car cosmetics (2 lines in installation).

Wellchem has been established with the goal to gain market shares in Russia of:

> 50% in PU-foams
> 20% of household chemistry
> 15% of perfumery
> 10% car cosmetics

Wellchem became partner of US, European and CIS companies in various business fields. Sold in 2009.



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